Faculty Profile: Sandman, Curt

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Sandman, Curt
Lab Contact:
Megan Faulkner
(714) 628-2886
Department: Psychiatry & Human Behavior
544 N. Cypress St. Orange, CA 92866

Research Description

We are evaluating the consequences of prenatal exposure to stress and stress hormones for fetal, infant and child development in several NIH funded research protocols. Students working on this project will have the opportunity assist with data collection for several fun and interesting studies of child development. Prior experience working with children is preferred, but not required. We are looking for highly motivated students with an interest in medicine, psychology, biology, or public health, who are willing to work 10-15 hours/week for a minimum of 1 year. Responsibilities will include: administering assessments of child temperament, conducting standardized interviews, evaluating biological and psychosocial indicators of maternal and child stress, and database management. Training will be provided. Students should have access to transportation to and from the Medical Center.

Requirements to Participate

Transportation to and from the research site, minimum one year commitment, reliable, an interest in working with young children.

Time Commitment per Week

10-15 hours per week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

hours completed and quality of work completed.