Faculty Profile: Linskey, Mark

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Linskey, Mark
Lab Contact:
Yi-Hong Zhou
Department: Surgery
Med Sci 1, C-214

Research Description

Active malignant glioma brain tumor molecular biology, cell culture, in vivo xenograft, and translational applications laboratory now continuously active for 7 years. Focus is on the PAX 6 tumor suppressive gene signaling pathway, downstream EFEMP1 extracellular protein translational therapeutic potential, studying intra-tumoral heterogeneity and plasticity among tumor stem-like cell and main tumor mass cell populations, the study of chromosome 7 mis-segregation as a mechanism for the former, and the study of the mechanisms of glioma radioresistance.

Time Commitment per Week

1 year Commitment

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance: 20 pts Lab Work: 20 pts Communication: 20 pts Lab Citizenship: 20 pts Total: 100 Points