Faculty Profile: Hu, Yilin

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Hu, Yilin
Lab Contact:
Yilin Hu
A Microbial Biochem
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemisty
2346 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

The Hu lab investigates enzyme systems that are involved in biosynthetic pathways related to photosynthesis, methanogenesis and nitrogen fixation. These efforts aim at establishing an evolutionary link between nitrogen fixation, methanogenesis and photosynthesis from a biochemical perspective, as well as developing strategies for environmental and industrial applications of these processes based on the intrinsic homology among these enzyme systems.

Requirements to Participate

Bio 98 required, M122 preferred. (1) Adhere to time commitment; (2) Perform assigned experiments; and (3) Understand the scientific background pertinent to the assigned experiments.

Time Commitment per Week

3-4 hours

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Level of performance based on the requirement to complete the course (see above)