Faculty Profile: Hunt, Robert

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Hunt, Robert
Lab Contact:
Robert Hunt
A Neurobiology
Department: Anatomy & Neurobiology
Irvine Hall / Gross Hall

Research Description

Our lab studies the neural circuit basis of brain development and injury. We are creating new models of complex neurological disorders, developing cellular and genetic tools to enable remote and noninvasive control over the activity of the brain in real time and recording high-speed dynamics of specialized neurons derived from human stem cells. The goal of this work is to discover precisely how the nervous system is changed by disorders of brain development or injury, and to use this information to create new therapies.

Requirements to Participate

3 - 4 hours per unit.
1 year Commitment and/or

2 year commitment.

Minimum 4 units. I generally prefer undergraduates to start in the lab during their sophomore or junior year and stay in the lab until graduation. This gives me enough time to properly train you, and it allows you to contribute in productive ways to our research program. Undergraduates often earn co-authorship on high-impact papers. Every student is expected to show up to lab, follow instructions, be respectful of more experienced lab members and learn some basic technical skills.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

In the final week of the quarter, every undergraduate student submits a brief lab report. This document is written in the same way you would write a manuscript for publication, and it is "peer reviewed" by our research staff.