Faculty Profile: Hunt, Robert

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Hunt, Robert
Lab Contact:
Robert Hunt
A Neurobiology
Department: Anatomy & Neurobiology
Irvine Hall / Gross Hall

Research Description

Our work focuses largely on a group of nerve cells called inhibitory interneurons. We study how these cells develop, how they operate at the circuit and behavioral level and how they are disrupted in disorders of cortical development such as epilepsy. We have been analyzing mice with gene mutations linked to epilepsy in children and are beginning to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from human patients. The lab also has an interest in cell-based approaches to rewire the nervous system for epilepsy therapy.

Requirements to Participate

Preference will be given to those with strong interest in neuroscience research and desire for a multi-quarter commitment. Students will complete all lab safety training and attend lab meetings. In the final week of the quarter, students will submit a brief, 1-2 pg description of research completed and give a 15 minute presentation on their work during lab meeting.

Grade Point Average


Time Commitment per Week

10+ hrs / wk and lab meetings

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Quality of work and effort committed to the project