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Do, An
Lab Contact:
An Do
B Brain-Comp Intrface
Department: Neurology
Engineering Gateway 3121

Research Description

The emphasis of the lab is to develop brain-computer interfaces to help restore motor function in people with paralysis due to stroke or spinal cord injury. Students will be involved in research activities related to the development and testing of such brain-computer interface systems. Research tasks include neural signal data collection and analysis, programming, circuit design, electrophysiological experiments, and/or brain-computer interface experiments.

Requirements to Participate

Sophomore or higher standing. Preferable to have prior background in neuroscience, computer science, signal analysis, and/or circuits design.

Time Commitment per Week

3 hours per unit, minimum of 2 units

What does it take to complete this course?

Completing the course will require fulfillment of the time commitment for research - including the use of this time to complete research assignments, participate in lab meetings, submit UROP applications, and write research abstracts and manuscripts.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students will be evaluated on their ability to complete research tasks, perform literature research, collect data, and present methods and results.