Faculty Profile: Bracken, Matthew

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Bracken, Matthew
Lab Contact:
Matthew Bracken
A Marine Biodiversity
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Steinhaus Hall 494, local field sites on the Orange County coastline

Research Description

Biodiversity is changing at an unprecedented rate on both global and local scales, and we seek to understand the causes and consequences of these changes. Research in the Marine Biodiversity Lab involves a combination of laboratory and field research to understand how marine biodiversity is changing, with a particular focus on local rocky shores, and the consequences of those changes for the structure and dynamics of ecological communities and the transformation and flux of energy and matter in ecosystems. Students will assist with ongoing research in the lab group and initiate an independent research project related to marine ecology.

Requirements to Participate

Submission of CV and description of complementary research interests to Prof. Bracken via email to m.bracken@uci.edu, followed by an interview process to select students to participate in our research.

Time Commitment per Week

4 hours / week per credit earned. Participation requires a minimum 8-hour (2 unit) commitment; NUMBER OF UNITS REQUIRED: 2-5

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Evaluation will be based on participation and on the development of an independent research project, to include a written and oral presentation on the project at the end of the quarter.