Faculty Profile: Parekh, Nimisha

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Parekh, Nimisha
Lab Contact:
Eva Maurer
Department: SOM - Department of Medicine

Research Description

Students will work with Clinical Research Patients presenting to the Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center. Students will be able to observe interventional procedures and research and development activities. The experience will encompass clinical research including; project design, background literature search, proposals, enrolling patients in ongoing studies, data compilation or writing/presenting research. The experience will be enhanced by being assigned to faculty and staff as liaisons for each project. We are looking for a 2 year commitment to project(s). Opportunities for publication and possibly presentation at local and national conferences are available.

Requirements to Participate

sophomore standing

Time Commitment per Week

Four hours/unit/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Ability to work independently as well as in a group setting Students will be graded on: -Work performance -Initiative -Quarterly research summary