Faculty Profile: Osborn, Megan

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Osborn, Megan
Lab Contact:
Megan Osborn
Department: SOM - Emergency Medicine
UCI Medical Center, 200 Building, Suite 710

Research Description

Ureteral colic is a common diagnosis in the emergency department. The diagnosis of renal colic can be made via urinalysis, ultrasound, and/or computed tomography. Urinalysis has an 85% sensitivity for detecting hematuria in patients with renal colic. We seek to characterize ureteral stones in patients without hematuria to determine the percentage of stones that are obstructing and/or clinically significant (causing hydronephrosis).

Requirements to Participate

Health occupations portfolio enhancement (HOPE) students only. Successful participation in data collection and manuscript preparation.

Time Commitment per Week

4 to 8 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Participation in data collection and manuscript preparation.