Faculty Profile: Landman, Jamie

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Landman, Jamie
Lab Contact:
Renai Yoon
(714) 456-8176
Department: SOM - Urology
UCI Medical Center, Bldg. 55; Basement, Rm. 020

Research Description

Participate in research studies affiliated with the UCI Department of Urology which includes consenting patients for clinical trials, performing lab procedures, aiding doctors in surgical experiments, attending OR procedures for data collection.
Practice scientific writing skills by assisting in writing abstracts, protocol, and eventually manuscripts. Opportunities to publish to journals and present to conferences are granted based on quality of work and time spent on projects.

Requirements to Participate

At least a 2nd year undergraduate with a strong interest in health (i.e. Biology, BME…)

Time Commitment per Week
3-4 hours per unit

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Attendance, quality of contributions, quality of work, teamwork
No Public Labs