Faculty Profile: Lakey, Jonathan

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Lakey, Jonathan
Lab Contact:
Jonathan Lakey
(714) 456-3978
Department: SOM - Surgery
UCI Medical Center bldg 55 rm 160

Research Description

The focus of my research laboratory is cell and tissue transplantation with specific focus on the transplantation of pancreatic islet cells for those people with insulin dependent diabetes (type I). Over the past few years there have been significant and important advances in the method of human islet isolation allowing the transplantation of isolated islets into patients with longstanding diabetes. Our goal is to develop a clinical islet transplant program at the University of California, Irvine. Additionally, we have an active research program investigating aspects of islet isolation including enzymatic means of tissue dissociation, examining cell tissue energetics and novel methods of validating islet yield and function. To address the key issue of tissue rejection and the need for chronic anti-rejection drugs, we are working with an industrial partner on developing a clinical islet encapsulation program using biocompatible alginate. It is hoped that these pre-clinical transplants and biochemical studies will lead to clinical trials in patients with diabetes.

Requirements to Participate

General background in biology/biochemistry/immunology. Previous lab courses in biology is strongly recommended. Strong motivation, enthusiasm, good organizational skills, quick study and receptive to taking work direction and working in a team environment. Presentation at scientific meetings along with submission of findings to scientific journals will be encouraged. Completion of core through Bio 99 with a grade of B or higher, Consent of instructor.

Time Commitment per Week

12 to 20 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Weekly task sign-off sheet and evaluation from staff members in the lab.