Faculty Profile: Huang, Susan

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Huang, Susan
Lab Contact:
Susan Huang
Department: SOM - Department of Medicine
City Tower, Ste. 400

Research Description

Dr. Huang is an infectious diseases specialist and epidemiologist whose research focuses on the clinical epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections, including highly antibiotic-resistant organisms, device-associated infections, outbreak detection, and others. She is an Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases and the Medical Director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention at the UC Irvine Medical Center. Her research involves assessing the risk for infection, predictors of disease, and value of prevention strategies. Her scope of research also includes an evaluation of inter-facility spread and containment of these pathogens, including the intersection of preventative measures on hospital networks, affiliated nursing homes, and surrounding communities. She has evaluated several strategies to mitigate transmission and disease, including large clinical trials. Student projects would involve smaller projects in which they can demonstrate some independence and excellence. These could involve assisting with surveys, chart review projects, evaluating questions in large state or national datasets, or performing secondary analyses of trial data. If interested, please email resume and request for interview to sshuang@uci.edu

Requirements to Participate

Must submit resume and schedule in person interview to assess mutual interests, expectations, and commitment. Student experience will be best if interest is assessed several months before the start of the course since successful and on-time start requires completion of required human subjects tutorials so that the student can be added to human subjects protocols. In many cases, no activities can commence without addition to IRB protocols which can take up to a month to occur.

Time Commitment per Week

10 hours

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Intellectual contribution, weekly progress, completion of project