Faculty Profile: Fruehauf, John

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Fruehauf, John
Lab Contact:
John Fruehauf
(714) 456-5153
Department: SOM - Department of Medicine
Bldg. 56 Zot: 4061, 101 The City Drive South, Orange

Research Description

Students will carry out in vitro cell line work to determine the effects of anticancer agents on tumor cell and tumor vascular cell growth. Antiangiogenesis models will be emphasized. Cancer pharmacology will be reviewed. For some studies, biomarker correlates with drug response will be determined using immunohistochemistry, image analysis, flow cytometry, gene expression arrays and proteomics techniques. Students will be expected to define a hypothesis driven project, present a15 minute lecture summarizing their objectives, prepare a mid term oral and written report, and present a final oral and written report. When data are of adequate quality, the student will be encouraged to submit a manuscript for publication and to present their work at the UCI science fair.

Requirements to Participate

Introductory Biology and Chemistry - Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry preferred.