Faculty Profile: French, Kathryn

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French, Kathryn
Lab Contact:
Kathryn French
(714) 456-6883
Department: SOM - Pediatrics
City Tower, UCI Medical Center, Orange.

Research Description

This project involves obtaining pregnancy outcome information from patients undergoing amniocentesis or CVS procedures at UCI Medical Center. The outcome information is gathered on each perinatologist to determine if patients undergoing these invasive tests have a higher than acceptable risk of pregnancy complications. Students also assist in data entry and are given the opportunity to participate in patient conferences as well as observe genetic counseling and prenatal testing procedures such as ultrasound, amniocentesis and CVS at UCI Medical Center

Requirements to Participate

Students interested in Genetic Counseling, obstetrics, genetics and/or obstetrics are encouraged to participate

Time Commitment per Week

4-8 hours per week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Students are graded based on accurate and timely completion of duties performed in a professional manner.