Faculty Profile: Fox, John Christian

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Fox, John Christian
Lab Contact:
Read Description for two projects - two different contact information
Department: SOM - Emergency Medicine
Medical Education building at the main campus.

Research Description

Project 1: Contact Angela Allen at angelaa@uci.edu or (562) 221-2987. Emergency Ultrasound involves the use of portable ultrasound machines at the bedside of patients in the emergency department. The new field requires clinical research that supports its implementation by proving its safety and efficacy in a wide variety of applications. Currently we have over 20 protocols ranging from first trimester complications of pregnancy to medical student ultrasound. Minimum GPA: 3.5. Tuesday/Thursday availability. Must have the ability to work independently as well as in a group setting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Project 2: Contact micurapteam@gmail.com or The Medical Intensive Care Unit Research Associates Program (MICU-RAP) is a clinical research program at the UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA founded by Dr. Elizabeth Turner in 2011, is currently run by Dr. Mark Rosen, M.D., and is overseen by Dr. John Christian Fox, M.D. MICU-RAP provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to contribute directly to research projects in the Intensive Care Unit through first-hand experience with patient interaction and close faculty mentorship from the UCI School of Medicine. During each four-hour shift, students are in contact with patients, families, and physicians to obtain consent and collect data for studies. While participating in MICU-RAP, students can pursue leadership opportunities by serving as ?liaisons? for chosen projects and thereby play a key role in the implementation and integrity of research protocol for that study. Our current studies involve the utilization of ultrasound, an extremely fast growing field, for various procedures. We place a strong emphasis on being able to interact independently and confidently with physicians as well as to communicate effectively in a group setting. Minimum GPA: 3.3. 199 students are expected to attend the weekly research meetings held in Dr. Fox's office in the Medical Education building at the main campus held on Tuesday nights and have 8-5 availability.
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