Faculty Profile: Fisher, Mark

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Fisher, Mark
Lab Contact:
Mark Fisher
(714) 456-6856
Department: SOM - Neurology
Shanbrom Hall, Room 121, UC Irvine Medical Center

Research Description

Laboratory of Stroke and Vascular Neurobiology: The laboratory focuses on fundamental mechanisms of stroke, a leading cause of death in North America. Stroke is usually caused by blood clots blocking arteries of the brain, or by excessive bleeding in the brain. The laboratory investigates how blood clot formation and bleeding are regulated by the brain, a process referred to as ?brain specific hemostasis regulation?. We use cell culture models of the brain microvasculature (?blood-brain barrier?) and animal models of experimental stroke and brain hemorrhage.

Requirements to Participate

At least two quarter commitment

Time Commitment per Week

8 hours minimum

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Oral and written presentations.