Faculty Profile: Bota, Daniela

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Bota, Daniela
Lab Contact:
Daniela Bota
(714) 456-7032
Department: SOM - Neurology
Sprague Hall, B 200

Research Description

1. Translational Research: There is an unmet clinical need for the therapy of malignant gliomas with a median survival of <12 months despite available treatments. Traditional chemotherapy relays on DNA damage and disruption of mitotic machinery, with limited effect in prolonging patient survival. The focus of my research is to test novel agents, in an attempt to target downstream molecular mechanisms involved in tumor growth and resistance to apoptosis. The final goal is to provide scientific bases for clinical trials in patients with newly-diagnoses and recurrent malignant gliomas. 2. Clinical and Quality of Life Research: The main purpose of this study is to conduct a retrospective and prospective chart review to examine associations between care plan timelines and demographic variables in a large clinic sample of patients with brain tumors. Our research aims are to (1) compute correlations among the different variables and determine the average delay of care for Spanish speaking only patients versus native English speaking patients and (2) to test if a patient navigator can improve the access to care for brain tumor patients resulting in a decrease in time from diagnosis to treatment.

Requirements to Participate

Motivation and interest in conducting research in both clinical and laboratory setting. Prior laboratory experience desired for the translational research.

Time Commitment per Week

Would prefer at least 15-20 hours/week over 3 days every week.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Research presentation at the end of rotation, participation in lab meetings, commitment and professionalism.