Faculty Profile: Blumberg, Bruce

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Blumberg, Bruce
Lab Contact:
Bruce Blumberg
(949) 824-8573
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
4351 Natural Sciences 2.

Research Description

Our research focuses on the role of nuclear hormone receptors in embryonic development, adult physiology and human diseases such as obesity, cancer, inflammation and aging. Nuclear hormone receptors are ligand modulated transcription factors that directly regulate the expression of target genes. Students will gain experience in a broad range of research techniques including molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, cell biology, cancer biology, molecular endocrinology, and genomics. Students beginning in summer and continuing through the year will be given preference, however, starting at any time in the academic year is possible for outstanding students if space is available. Students can visit the laboratory web site for more information. Previous students have published in major scientific journals and in the UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. Please contact Dr. Blumberg directly if you are interested.

Requirements to Participate

Generally speaking, completion of the first 2 years of the Bio Sci core is required. Exceptions have occasionally been made in the past for highly qualified and motivated students. COURSE COMPLETION: BioSci core through at least Bio 98. D103 and D104 are often helpful but not required. The possibility of a second year is advantageous as this will allow the student to undertake an independent research project. OTHER: Students in the lab are strongly encouraged to participate in the Excellence in Research Program, the University Research Opportunity Program (UROP) and the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).

Time Commitment per Week

The nature of our research requires a time commitment of at least 20 hours per week