Faculty Profile: Aizik, Shlomit

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Aizik, Shlomit
Lab Contact:
Shlomit Aizik
(949) 824-2584
Department: SOM - Pediatrics
1. The Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center (PERC) 101 Academy, Suite 150 2. PERC-Functional Genomics Lab UCI Medical Center, Building 55, 3rd floor. 3. Main Campus and Community Sites

Research Description

Areas of research are in functional genomics and exercise physiology and include: immune system and muscle genomic and epigenetic responses to exercise, effects of exercise and training during childhood and adolescence, effects of exercise and training on children with chronic disease and children with special needs.

Requirements to Participate

Students interested in exercise physiology and/or genomics. Good organizational and communication skills, reliability and enthusiasm.

Time Commitment per Week

6-15 hours/week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Reliability, ability to communicate, hours completed, quality of work and progress in research skills.