Faculty Profile: Sato, Brian

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Sato, Brian
Lab Contact:
Brian Sato
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
2238 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Biology education research.

What do Bio Sci students know? In order to answer this question, or to improve the learning experience, it is essential that experiments are designed and data is collected in a rigorous manner, similar to research conducted at the bench. My aim is to make my classroom a laboratory, to determine whether various aspects of the curriculum aid in student learning. Students working with me will get experience in experimental design, creation of data collection instruments, data analysis, and scientific writing. While this is a different side of biology research, the skills learned will be applicable to any field.

Requirements to Participate

Excellent communication skills (asking questions, responding to emails in a timely manner), independence, initiative

Time Commitment per Week

3 hours per unit, 3-5 units per quarter

What does it take to complete this course?

Weekly meetings with the PI and other students, independent work to be conducted on your own time.

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Written progress reports, completion of assignments to be discussed at weekly meetings