Faculty Profile: Sandri-Goldin, Rozanne

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Sandri-Goldin, Rozanne
Lab Contact:
Rozanne Sandri-goldin
(949) 824-7570
Department: SOM - Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Medical Science I, RM. B280.

Research Description

The studies in my lab are focused on a multifunctional regulatory protein of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) termed ICP27. ICP27 is required for all stages of viral gene expression from transcription through RNA processing and export to translation. It performs these many functions by interacting with a number of cellular proteins and by binding viral RNA. ICP27 mediates the inhibition of host cell pre-mRNA splicing, which contributes to the shut-off of host protein synthesis. ICP27 recruits cellular RNA polymerase II to viral sites of transcription/replication to promote efficient viral transcription. ICP27 recruits cellular mRNA export proteins to viral transcription/replication sites to facilitate efficient viral RNA export. ICP27 itself binds viral RNA and directs it to the TAP/NXF1 mRNA export receptor and accompanies the mRNP through the nuclear pore complex to the cytoplasm, where it then recruits translation initiation factors to stimulate translation of viral transcripts. We are directing our studies toward defining the full composition of ICP27-multiprotein complexes required for successful viral replication and towards understanding how the interaction of ICP27 with these different complexes is regulated.

Requirements to Participate

Students interested in gene regulation and host-pathogen interactions. COURSE COMPLETION: Basic Molecular Biology and Chemistry

Time Commitment per Week

12-15 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Literature search on the given topic, understanding general background and hypothesis, performance in laboratory techniques and procedures.