Faculty Profile: Sakai, Ann

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Sakai, Ann
Lab Contact:
Ann Sakai
(949) 824-6581
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
UCI main campus greenhouse and laboratories, local field sites

Research Description

Flowering plants have a great diversity of breeding systems. Some species are hermaphroditic, others have females and hermaphrodites, and still others have only males and females. Our lab is interested in factors that promote these different breeding systems and the genetic potential of plants to evolve these different breeding systems. Understanding these processes provides information important in conservation, agriculture, and basic sciences. In a second line of research, our lab is also investigating factors that make non-native plants invasive in our local habitats. Undergraduates are directly involved in research and work closely with faculty and students in the greenhouse and laboratory on the rare Hawaiian genus Schiedea or in the field in local habitats invaded by fountain grass.

Requirements to Participate

Interest in ecology, conservation and/or evolution; prefer students with more than one year remaining at UCI COURSE COMPLETION: Bio 94 and 106 (completed or concurrent) with grade of B or better. OTHER: Students interested in the lab should first look at the following website http://www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=2693 and then send an email to Ann Sakai, indicating which aspects of the research are of greatest interest. Most of our students stay in the lab for at least two years and participate in the Excellence in Research program .

Time Commitment per Week

Variable but must be able to work on some weekend