Faculty Profile: Baram, Tallie Z.

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Baram, Tallie Z.
Lab Contact:
Tallie Baram
(949) 824-1131, (949) 824-1063
Department: Anatomy and Neurobiology. Pediatrics.
Medical Sciences 1, B151

Research Description

We are a neuroscience research lab, especially interested in the development of epilepsy and the effects of early life stress on brain development. We focus on trying to predict and prevent prevent the development of epilepsy, including research on childhood febrile seizures and how the normal brain becomes epileptic. Additionally, we focus on how early life stress affects learning and memory and how early enrichment can enhance cognitive outcomes.

Some of the techniques used in our lab are mouse and rat models, EEG, MRI, in vitro hippocampal and hypothalamic slice culture, live multiphoton imaging of neuron dendrites and spines, epigenetics (chromatin immunoprecipitation [ChIP], RNA seq, gene network analysis), molecular biology (qPCR, In Situ Hybridization, microRNA), and cognitive and behavioral tasks.