Faculty Profile: Rose, Michael

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Rose, Michael
Lab Contact:
Michael Rose
(949) 824-8198
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
497 Steinhaus Hall

Research Description

Our lab uses experimental evolution and evolutionary physiology as approaches to address basic problems in biology. Fruit flies of the genus Drosophila are our experimental tool. Some of our research topics include the evolution and physiology of aging, cryonic preservation and resuscitation, reverse evolution, and evolutionary convergence in novel environments. We run a large lab in which undergrduates play a central role at every stage of the research process.

Requirements to Participate

Biology 96 or 106 with minimum grade of B, or Biology 94 with a minimum grade of A-. *All research students start as Bio. 198 group research students. Progress to Bio. 199 status depends on the student's abillity to work independently. NO student begins in the Bio. 199 course.

Time Commitment per Week

10 hrs/wk to begin

Faculty Means of Evaluation

For 198: successful completion of hours, work assignments, and attendance at lab meetings; progress in understanding the scientfic background to the research. For 199: development of a successful research plan, execution of research plan, scientific understanding, completion of Excellence in Research requirements