Faculty Profile: Ranz, Jose

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Ranz, Jose
Lab Contact:
Jose Ranz
(949) 824-9071
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
465 Steinhaus Hall

Research Description

Two positions are offered. Our research interests lie at the interface of functional and evolutionary genomics using Drosophila as a model organism. In particular, we are interested in understanding how the molecular organization of the genome is shaped by functional constraints. We have identified a limited number of genomic regions where gene order has been preserved unexpectedly upon the multiple chromosomal rearrangements that have occurred during the evolutionary process. Those regions can encompass up to 50 genes. We have functionally analyzed those regions and found that they are often enriched for genes with similar functional properties. We are using genetic techniques of chromosomal engineering to disrupt those regions and to evaluate the effect of breaking those ultra-conserved regions of the genome using different genetic and molecular approaches. Specifically, we are performing molecular and physiological tests on individuals with both intact and disrupted regions, which will allow us to compare the gene expression and effects on fitness due to the disruption of those regions. Genomic DNA extraction, RNA extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, microarray experiments, tissue dissection, sequence analysis, data mining, and stock maintenance are the most relevant tasks associated with the projects described here.

Requirements to Participate

COURSE COMPLETION Bio194S, Bio97, Bio99, and at least one among E106, D145, and D146 is advisable. OTHER: Students interested in performing research in our lab are encouraged to visit the lab prior to requesting a position (http://ranzlab.bio.uci.edu).

Time Commitment per Week

12 hrs

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Professionalism (enthusiasm, effort, attendance, high-quality work, team-work attitude) and quarterly research report