Faculty Profile: Prescher, Jennifer

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Prescher, Jennifer
Lab Contact:
Jennifer Prescher
(949) 824-1706
Department: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
3304 Natural Sciences I

Research Description

Imaging tools have revolutionized our understanding of living systems by enabling researchers to ?peer? into tissues and cells and visualize biological features in real time. While powerful, these probes have been largely confined to monitoring cellular behaviors on a microscopic level. Visualizing cellular interactions and functions across larger spatial scales'including those involved in cell migration to distant tissues, immunosurveillance, and other biological processes'remains a daunting task. The Prescher research group is developing general toolsets to image such macroscopic cellular networks and behaviors, and our efforts are focused in two areas: generating novel bioluminescent probes and developing new bioorthogonal chemistries for imaging in vivo.

Requirements to Participate

Attendance at weekly lab meetings and subgroup meetings, with an oral presentation once per quarter starting in the second quarter of enrollment. Submission of written summary of research progress at the end of each quarter. COURSE COMPLETION: Bio 97, 98, Chem 1A-C.

Grade Point Average

3.2 in Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences courses

Time Commitment per Week

4-5 hours per unit

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Effort, attendance and progress in research skills