Faculty Profile: Parker, Ian

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Parker, Ian
Lab Contact:
Angelo Demuro
(949) 824-7833
Department: SOM - Neurobiology & Behavior
1217 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

We are applying advanced imagin methods (confocal, multi-photon and evanescent wave mivroscopy) to study intracelllular calcium signaling processes. Ion channels are mediate the functioning of all cells, including processes such as synaptic transmission and electrical excitation. Moreover, they are implicated in many disease such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's diseases, and Parkinson's, making them important targets for drug therapies. Our laboratory is currently involved in developing new imaging techniques that permit us to visualize the activity of individual ion channels in living cells _ something previously possible only by the electrophysiological patch-clamp technique. Positions are available for 2 students to be involved in different aspects of the project. (1) Expression of ion channels in Xenopus laevis oocytes . This will involve learning basic molecular biology techniques such as cell transformation, propagation, in-vitro transcription and gel electrophoresis. (2) Analysis of single channel activity using image analysis and graphing software.

Requirements to Participate

Sophomore (in exceptional cases) or Junior standing

Time Commitment per Week

8-12 hrs/wk