Faculty Profile: O'Dowd, Diane

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O'Dowd, Diane
Lab Contact:
Diane O'dowd
(949) 824-4562
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Since the past 25 years our lab at UCI has studied the activity of living neurons from the brains of both flies and mice. We are currently exploring the role of human sodium channel mutations that cause epilepsy on channel function and neuronal activity using knock-in transgenic flies, mice and parallel studies in neurons derived from induced human pluripotent stem cells generated from fibroblasts obtained from affected individuals with these mutations.
We have been analyzing CRISPR generated mice carrying human epilepsy causing mutation and are interested in understanding how channel dysfunction results in epileptic seizures. We are interested in students who want to work with mice models of genetic epilepsy.

Requirements to Participate

12 hrs/week. 1 year Commitment. Preference will be given to those with strong interest in neuroscience research and desire for a multi-quarter commitment. Students will complete all lab safety and ULAR approved animal use and care training and attend lab meetings. Quality of work and data collection, proper use of lab equipment, initiative and enthusiasm, maintenance of a complete lab notebook is essential. In the final week of the quarter, students will give a 15 minute presentation on their work during lab meeting.
No Public Labs