Faculty Profile: Mooney, Kailen

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Mooney, Kailen
Lab Contact:
Kailen Mooney
(949) 824-7852
Department: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Description

We use field and laboratory studies to investigate the interactions among insects, how insects affect plants, and how plants affect insects. Our research employs a variety of techniques, including growing of plants and maintenance of insect colonies in the lab and greenhouse, measurement of plant chemical and morphological traits, and sampling and quantification of insect communities in the field. We are primarily interested in students willing to make a one-year commitment. Students who make long-term commitments may have opportunities to conduct summer fieldwork at remote field sites, co-authors a scientific research paper, and conduct an honors thesis

Requirements to Participate

While some students may work entirely within the Mooney Lab, those having the means to travel independently to local field sites (within 1.5 miles) will also have the option of assisting in field research.

Time Commitment per Week

6-12 in blocks of at least 2

What does it take to complete this course?

The Mooney Lab is looking for 199 students to work on lab and field studies of the interactions among plants, insects and birds. Students should be interested in field ecology and comfortable working outdoors.