Faculty Profile: Marshall, John

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Marshall, John
Lab Contact:
John Marshall
(949) 824-6636
Department: Neurobiology & Behavior
2215 McGaugh Hall

Research Description

Research in Dr. Marshall's lab is directed at (1) the neurobiological bases of chronic drug abuse (cocaine, amphetamine), and (2) factors that facilitate outcome after brain injury relevant to Parkinson's disease. Both projects use animal models to study brain events contributing to human disease. Undergraduates participate in many ways, including handling and training animals, sectioning and staining tissue, analyzing tissue, and assisting in neurosurgical procedures. Students participating for more than 2 quarters are encouraged to develop projects in which they take more of a lead role

Requirements to Participate

Coursework (Bio Sci 110), GPA, motivation to do research, communication skills. Readings will be assigned to supplement laboratory work.

Time Commitment per Week

15 hrs/wk