Faculty Profile: Luo, David

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Luo, David
Lab Contact:
David Luo
(714) 456-7962
Department: SOM - Anesthes & Perioperative Care
3226A Gillespie NRF

Research Description

Gene Regulation & intracellular signaling pathways contributing to pain transduction. Use of animal models mimicking human pain inducting conditions, such as nerve injury and bone cancer, to identify potential target genes and pathways, and study their regulation in sensory neurons and spinal cord and their relationship to pain development under these pathological conditions. Small animal surgery, behavioral pharmacology, cellular and molecular biology techniques, including fluorescent microscopy, gene chip experiments, and transgenic/knock out mice, are utilized in studies. Currently characterizing several genes and signaling pathways that may play important roles in neuropathic pain (pain derived from nerve injury) and cancer pain processing

Requirements to Participate

Completion of basic courses of biology, cellular and molecular biology or animal physiology or computer science and three letters of recommendation. Selection: academic achievements, experience, enthusiasm, self-motivation.