Faculty Profile: Lander, Arthur

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Lander, Arthur
Lab Contact:
Arthur Lander
(949) 824-1721
Department: Developmental & Cell Biology
2638 Biological Sciences III

Research Description

Role of proteoglycans in mouse brain development. This research is to study the development of the mammalian brain by analyzing mutant mice. The lab has made mutants that lack a proteoglycan, glypican _ 1, and which are deficient in brain growth. The goal is to determine what cellular signals are disrupted by this mutation. Methods will include tissue histology, molecular biology, and mouse genetics. Learning how proteoglycans affect brain development in mice will ultimately contribute to the understanding of human birth defects and diseases

Requirements to Participate

Preferably has junior standing (but will consider sophomores with excellent grades), and is interested in continuation of this project in future quarters.

Time Commitment per Week