Faculty Profile: Anton-Culver, Hoda

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Anton-Culver, Hoda
Lab Contact:
Hoda Anton-culver
(949) 824-7416
Department: SOM - Epidemiology
224 Irvine Hall, Zot 7550

Research Description

Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD.focuses her research in the area of genetic epidemiology of cancer. One study funded by the NCI as an R01 combines techniques in genetic epidemiology and molecular genetics to define and characterize inherited breast/ovarian cancer in the population and in the familial component of the disease. This study began in the late 1980?s and continues to date through competing renewals of the NCI funding. Another NCI funded R01, focuses on colon and rectum cancers to study the effects of genetic influence on the mismatch repair genes as they interact with diet, physical activity, and other factors that may influence the risk for colorectal cancer and estimate genetic and environmental interaction. In addition to breast and colorectal cancer she has funding to investigate genetic and environmental influences on the risk of multiple other cancers including prostate, malignant melanoma and childhood cancer. She has been awarded several significant awards in cancer genetics from the National Cancer Institute. These awards include the (1) "UCI-UCSD Cancer Genetics Network" to collaborate with other centers to investigate the genetic basis of human cancer susceptibility and identify means to address the public health issues associated with human cancer genetics; (2) The "NCI Cancer Genetics Network Informatics Center at UCI" supports the cooperative of Cancer Genetics Networks as the sole Informatics Center responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an information management system that supports the Network-wide research protocols

Requirements to Participate

At least 2 courses in Biology, Genetics, Statistics, and Epidemiology

Time Commitment per Week

8-12 hrs/wk

Faculty Means of Evaluation

Practical, oral and written evaluation.