Faculty Profile: Abbott, Geoffrey

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Abbott, Geoffrey
Lab Contact:
Geoffrey Abbott
(949) 824-3269
Department: SOM - Pharmacology
356A Med Surge II, School of Medicine

Research Description

Areas of research: ion channel physiology and pharmacology, ion transporter physiology and pharmacology, cardiovascular sciences, epithelial cell biology, neurobiology, drug discovery. Central themes: understand the role of ion channels and transporters in normal function of excitable and non-excitable cells, and in diseases of the heart, brain, skeletal muscle and epithelia. Develop novel therapeutics to treat ion channel and transporter-related diseases. Disorders currently studied: cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy, periodic paralysis, hypothyroidism. Students will have opportunity to participate in experiments covering all aspects of pharmacological and physiological research: molecular (cloning) and cellular (cell culture) biology, pharmacology (electrophysiological assays of drug effects), ion channel and transporter structure-function combining site-directed mutagenesis and cellular electrophysiology, and animal behavior.

Requirements to Participate

students interested in pharmacological/physiological research; commitment: 2 years or more. Preference to those with experience in molecular biology and/or physiology.

Time Commitment per Week

12-16 hours/week

Faculty Means of Evaluation

participation, willingness to learn, responsibility